Probity Photography and Design began when I started taking photos of the foals at Royal Vista Southwest. In the beautiful summer evening light, mares and foals became one of my favorite subjects. Each experience was more special than the last.

Over many years, I have had the opportunity to photograph some amazing horses, dogs, people and places. As more of my clients wanted to use their photos in national magazines, print advertisements became a natural progression. Social media was not far behind. Similar to 10 years ago with websites, if you don’t have a social presence, you are behind your competition.

We certainly live in the digital age! I began designing websites out of necessity. Continuing to struggle with amateur techniques, I knew there were more advanced, yet easier, ways to accomplish what I wanted. I dove head-first into BIG manuals about web design, photo editing, and photography. Each time I learned something that made my job easier because of a new, advanced technique, I rejoiced. I'm pretty sure my dog thought I was losing my mind!!

Probity Photography and Design is an accumulation of many parts of my life. Growing up around many World Champion halter and performance horses, I learned what a horse "should" look like. Being around horses in the Texas A&M University riding program, I realized that not all horses NEED to look like World Champions. I learned to find the beauty in each horse. My days at Royal Vista Southwest have allowed me to be around so many of the industries top broodmares and foals of varying disciplines and breeds. Even working for a computer programmer helped me learn new computer languages and seemed to make hand-coding websites much less daunting. So many experiences have led to where I am now.

Like the word PROBITY suggests, I feel that having strong morals and ideals, being honest, and always striving to provide the best service is the ONLY way to live. I thank GOD daily for blessing me with Probity.

Now I am just continuing to do what I love...

~ Allison

Allison, Millie and Runaway Wave

Allison, Millie and Runaway Wave

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